About this Study

Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (JCCI) is completing its latest community inquiry, Children 1-2-3: Early Learning for Future Success. This community engagement process has been examining the question, "How can Jacksonville best foster early learning success for children from birth to age 3 in our community?" Over the course of the process (October 2011 through April 2012), the meeting schedule, meeting summaries, key handouts and relevant articles have all been posted here. To find out more, please email tonia@jcci.org.

1.2.3 Members

Study Chair, Jill Dame
Biography: Jill has lived in Jacksonville since 1959.  She attended local public schools through junior high and is a graduate of Episcopal High School. Jill earned a B.A. with honors from Queens College in Charlotte, NC, and a J.D., also with honors, from the University of Florida College of Law.

Jill returned to Jacksonville after law school graduation and began her legal career with Mahoney Hadlow & Adams, specializing in real estate and commercial lending law, eventually becoming a partner. Jill left the practice of corporate law to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching at Jacksonville University while teaching in an independent school.

Most recently, Jill has served as a consultant and interim executive for nonprofit organizations, focusing on organizational development, fundraising, and strategic planning. 

Management Team
Jill Dame (Study Chair) | Laura Bailet | Dana Birchfield | Joy Burgess | Meredith Chartrand Frisch | Jarik Conrad | Anne Egan | Bryan Hensley | Connie Hodges | Crystal Jones | Katherine Kasten | Linda Lanier | Joshua Lief | Susan Main | Judy  Poppell | Tom Rodgers | Kathleen Shaw | Jim Van Vleck
Study Committee Members
All members of the community are welcome to join the study committee. Please contact tonia@jcci.org to RSVP.

Clanzenetta "Mickee" Brown - Community Planner
Tonia Eastman Hoffman - Program Planner
Demetrius Jenkins - Coordinator of Data, Information, & Systems