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Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (JCCI) is completing its latest community inquiry, Children 1-2-3: Early Learning for Future Success. This community engagement process has been examining the question, "How can Jacksonville best foster early learning success for children from birth to age 3 in our community?" Over the course of the process (October 2011 through April 2012), the meeting schedule, meeting summaries, key handouts and relevant articles have all been posted here. To find out more, please email tonia@jcci.org.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Expert advises brain foods for children

Parents have been advised to boost their children’s brain power by providing them from young age with the right foods that will help increase their mental agility, improve their memory and help fight disease like dementia later in life. To ensure brain alertness, foods high in omega H3 such as salmon fish should be given to a child at least twice per week and those containing potassium like bananas should also be included in meals regularly. Other foods that are good for the brain include lean beef, cheese, walnut, peanut butter, potatoes, milk, yoghurt, eggs, wheat and liver, fish, chicken, lentils, beans and peas. “Being smart is related to good nutrition, so it is good for parents to always ensure their children eat a rich array of food and get the right nutrients that will help grow well, have good memory and improve their general well being,” said Hamad Medical Corporation’s paediatric dietitian Celine Jour. However, Jour also suggested that to encourage children to eat healthy, parents should explain the importance of each food type aside from inviting them to shop for food items as well as involving them in preparation.

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